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Artificial Turf for Pets

Easy on the eyes and the paws. Let us give you a nice safe place for your furry family member

Artificial Grass For Pets

Most people don’t know that artificial turf is a beautiful alternative for those with pets. Our turf looks like real grass. From muddy paws to concrete that gets way too warm for little feet during the summer months, our synthetic grass gives your pet a safe place to take care of business.

Artificial turf for pets is a fantastic option for dog owners. Not only will your yard look incredible all year long, but it’s comfortable and convenient for your four-legged friends! Not restricted to those with spacious backyards only, artificial turf works wonderfully for those with little to no backyards, as well as apartment building balconies and patios!

The Benefits of Artificial Turf for Pets

It’s no secret that artificial turf is easy on the eyes, but did you know that it’s easy on the paws too? Our fake grass looks like natural grass. It’s perfect for dog runs or other pet areas. You can keep your pets comfy every time they have to use the bathroom by laying down artificial turf.

Overall, artificial turf for pets is an excellent option for those considering it. It can make life much easier, especially during the months you’re consistently using your yard. Not only will your pets find it appealing to lounge on, but it’s also safer for them as well!

The major benefits of using artificial grass:

  • Your grass won’t dry out in the areas that your dog frequently uses the bathroom
  • You can avoid the brown spots in the lawn that come from having one or multiple dogs in the home
  • You won’t need to mow or water your artificial turf
  • Your turf will always look incredible, which means you don’t have to clean up the lawn for outdoor cookouts and parties
  • Pets, especially dogs, absolutely love it
  • Artificial turf is incredibly durable and rarely requires replacement
  • You’ll never need pesticides or fertilizers that can prove harmful to both pets, children, and adults

Types of Artificial Grass

There are many artificial grass types to choose from when picking out the perfect texture for your pet and aesthetic for your home. At Artificial Turf Distributors, we’ll be able to help you decide what will work best for you and your family.

We work with various types of artificial turf, including but not limited to:




Short pile height

Medium pile height

Long pile height

Synthetic turf varies in use and can work well in the following situations:


Pet yards

Sports complexes

Home lawns

Golfing areas or putting greens

Balcony surfaces

The type of turf you choose depends on what you are using it for, your budget, and how much you require. Nylon is a popular, durable, and super safe choice, but Polypropelene is typically more affordable. The pile height (height of the blades) is entirely up to you and depends on how much you want to maintain your yard and the amount of excrement you’re picking up from pets. For example, multiple pet households will likely want to choose turf that has shorter grass blades that make it easier to pick up and clean solid waste.

What to Consider When Choosing an Artificial Grass

Shop for your artificial turf in the same fashion that you would shop for anything that has to do with your home. You want to consider your budget, how much turf you’ll need, and the length of the pile or grass blades you want. From there, see which turf fits into your requirement list, and choose from there!

Many companies offer options such as color (green, bright colors, and blue) and additional features like UV Stabilization and Urethane Backing. You’ll want to build your turf package according to what you like and what you can afford.

The options are endless, so we’re confident that we’ll be able to fit your yard, playground, or patio with the perfect turf. Turf installation is relatively straightforward, depending on the space, and we can walk you through our methods and the process before we begin or we’ll. be happy to handle the installation for you. This way, you have an idea of how much time you’ll need to set aside to let us do our thing.

FAQ’s for Artificial Turf for Pets

Here a few questions we hear frequently from our pet clients:

Q: How long will it take my pet to get used to the artificial turf?

A: Not long at all! Pets typically take a day or two to feel comfortable using their new yard or space.

Q: Are there any chemicals in the synthetic lawn that could hurt my pet?

A: Not at all. Our artificial grass for dogs and other pets is completely pet friendly and safe.

Q: Is turf safe for my pet?

A: Yes! It’s installed tightly, so it’s challenging to dig up, but remember always to keep an eye on your pet when its outside, turf, or no turf!

What to Consider When Buying Artificial Grass

Look and Feel

Turf comes in a range of colors and styles. High-quality options have soft edges and firm tips that would make you swear you were looking at real, growing grass.


All artificial turfs are much easier to maintain than real grass since there’s no need for water, fertilizer, or pesticide. The most low-maintenance turfs require a simple raking and hosing down from time to time.

UV Protection

Some turfs have built-in protection against the sun’s UV rays, which can cause the turf to fade and degrade over time. If you live in a sun-soaked area, you’ll want turf that is built to withstand a lot of sun exposure.

Foot Traffic

Think about how many people will be walking on the turf regularly. High traffic areas will need a turf that can stand up to wear and tear.

Working with Artificial Turf Distributors

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