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Artificial grass has come a long way, and there has never been a better time to consider replacing natural grass with synthetic turf. Our synthetic grass solutions are ideal for stunning, low-maintenance, and long-term solutions from lawns to soccer fields and everything else in between.

There are many great reasons to opt for artificial turf no matter the project, so we’ve pulled together the best reasons to go synthetic no matter what you’re working on.

1. Virtually No Maintenance

While there are no hard and fast rules around how often to mow a lawn, most care guides suggest doing so at least once a week. Some people enjoy doing it, but many people would rather do just about anything else. When it comes to artificial grass, you can easily reclaim that time. It doesn’t grow, and it’s always in pristine condition, ready for anything from pets and kids all the way through to professional sports.

There’s no need for any of the other maintenance tasks associated with real lawns, either. There’s no seeding required, and you won’t need to water your synthetic lawn to keep it looking great either. Indeed, the water savings can be incredible – a well-maintained lawn requires around 50 gallons of water per square foot every year. Artificial turf doesn’t require any outside of cleaning off marks and debris.

All you’ll usually need to keep synthetic grass in top condition is a leaf blower and a yard brush. The former gets rid of leaves and anything else that lands on the surface and can be used as required. The latter will fluff up patches that experience a lot of foot traffic, ensuring it always looks its best.

2. Weeds Become a Thing of the Past

Weeds alongside natural grass can be a real pain. It can take a lot of manual labor to get rid of them, and weed killers can affect the grass around them too. There are no such issues with artificial lawns, which provide a seal to make it impossible for weeds to break through if there’s soil underneath. There won’t be any soil at all in many cases, leaving weeds without anything to grow in.

3. Pests Aren’t Attracted to Artificial Grass

Even the staunchest animal lovers are rarely fond of bugs in the yard. The only real solutions on real grass involve pesticides and chemicals, which are seldom ideal – and they’re another maintenance task to consider.

Artificial turf has none of these issues, as bugs simply aren’t attracted to it in the same way. There’s no food for insects, and synthetic turf doesn’t lend itself to setting up a home in the way real grass does.

4. Durability

Real grass requires maintenance from the moment it’s installed. If ignored, it can soon start to deteriorate. We’ve already covered how artificial turf requires minimal maintenance, but this isn’t at the expense of a healthy lifespan. Professionally installed turf can last for fifteen years or more, all without the owner needing to do anything extraordinary to keep it in peak condition.

5. Artificial Turf is Fantastic for Pet Owners

Many pets, particularly dogs, love being outdoors, and if you’ve got one, you might find they get more use out of your lawn than you do! Synthetic grass provides everything they love about playing outside, with none of the drawbacks.

They won’t make a mess inside after finding a puddle, and if they leave a mess outside, it couldn’t be easier to clean up. If they’re the kind of dogs that love digging holes, which can make any lawn look anything but perfect, they’ll have quite the struggle with artificial turf!

6. Synthetic Grass is Great for the Environment

We’ve already touched on a couple of the environmental benefits associated with artificial turf, but if you’re concerned about your impact on the planet, they warrant further comment. While there’s nothing more natural than the grass itself, the effort that goes into keeping it in top condition can have significant knock-on effects.

Much of it comes down to the lack of maintenance required to keep your lawn or field looking great. Using a gas mower for an hour can release the same emissions into the atmosphere as eleven cars. In addition, the pesticides you no longer need eliminate pollution of the surrounding ground, air, and water supplies. When there’s any excuse to reduce the usage of toxic chemicals, it generally makes sense to do so!

7. Artificial Grass Withstands the Harshest Droughts

Real grass can survive for around six weeks without water, at which point it starts to die off. In areas of high temperatures and low rainfall, it’s easy to reach this limit when relying on natural moisture. It’s possible to water a lawn manually, of course, but drought conditions often result in restrictions on water supply usage. Known colloquially as hosepipe bans, these drought periods can lead to punishments for using tap water outdoors.

This is a complete non-issue for synthetic turf. Indeed, when it comes to high temperatures, the only thing you’ll notice is that it retains heat more than its natural counterpart. This is a problem for low-quality synthetic grasses, which can become hot to the touch and potentially unusable in scorching weather. However, our products are designed to manage heat in a way that may result in them becoming slightly warmer, but never to the point that they become too hot to handle.

8. It’s Suitable for All Sorts of Activities

Artificial turf has been around since the 1960s and was initially designed for sports fields. It first entered the mainstream in 1966 when it was installed at the Houston Astrodome. Most people know that this kind of grass remains ideal for domestic use, but it’s as great for sports and other activities as it ever was.

Unlike the 1960s, we’ve reached a point where artificial turf can be difficult to tell apart from the real thing, and not just in terms of how it looks. For example, the way it feels underfoot on a soccer pitch or how the ball bounces on an artificial grass tennis court emulate the real thing just about perfectly.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that artificial turf stands up to wear and tear as well as ever. It was initially conceived because ground staff found it challenging to keep up with the demands of professional sport and its impact on the surface. By the end of the previous season, before they installed synthetic grass, the Astrodome outfield consisted of dead grass painted green!

Essentially, artificial grass can trump real grass in sporting contexts for a multitude of reasons, including maintenance and resistance to wear and tear, without compromising performance.

artificial grass for soccer fields

9. Consistent Coloring and a Striking Appearance All Year Round

A significant challenge of real grass involves ensuring that it stays balanced in terms of appearance. Unfortunately, few people have the luxury of an outdoor area wholly exposed to direct sunlight or entirely in the shade. Direct sunlight isn’t bad for grass, as such, especially if it has access to plenty of water, but it can make a lawn look uneven. The same applies to shade, as grass struggles to survive with no sunlight at all.

Neither is a concern for synthetic turf. Our products are designed to ensure that grass remains the same color at all times, no matter the environment, and it stays that way for the installation’s lifetime. Our technology ensures that your artificial grass remains the way it looked when first installed year after year, regardless of the environment.

10. Artificial Grass is Great Anywhere

One final significant benefit of artificial grass involves its sheer flexibility. Gardens, parks, and sports stadiums are just the tip of the iceberg. Do you want an authentic putting green in your office? Synthetic turf can make it happen. Do you have a complex space that’s impossible to fit genuine turf in? Artificial grass can be the solution.

Artificial grass can be implemented anywhere and in any shape and size required for the best possible effect with our professional installation.

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Many of the benefits outlined in this feature rely on high-quality materials and professional installation – and that’s why you should work with the experts. Here at Artificial Turf USA, we supply the most technologically advanced artificial grass available and will work with you on everything from small patios and decks to stadium-based soccer fields.

We provide cost-effective solutions across residential, commercial, and industrial projects, and no job is too big or small. Any project that could benefit from grass can reach a whole new level with artificial grass, providing peace of mind and stunning results for many years to come.

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