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Our Softball Turf Takes Your Game To The Next Level

Our artificial turf is the best way to play ball.

Our Softball Turf Redefines Home Field Advantage

Our installed artificial turf helps your team bring their A-game, but in this case, the “A” stands for artificial grass!

We provide an array of grass products that will please your players but even more so, they’ll make your field maintenance crew fall in love with your park all over again.

It’s no secret that artificial fields look amazing, are easier to maintain, and will save you money. Think of the money you’ll save on seed, fertilizer, and water alone. Let us help you give your softball fields a professional look.

Our Grass Is Always Greener!

Our No-upkeep artificial turf makes your business look great and is eco-friendly.

Why Switch To Artificial Turf?

When Spring is in the air, there’s something magical about going to the ballpark and seeing the field for the first time. It’s that first impression that has helped generations fall in love with baseball and softball for generations.

But, that’s not the only reason to switch to artificial grass. Here are the most popular:

  • Artificial turf plays like real grass but better
  • Our turf is long-lasting and durable
  • Artificial grass is easy to maintain
  • We provide expert installation
  • We stand by our grass with one of the best warranties on the market

Call us and let’s get your park the perfect turf today.

Softball Turf That’s In A League of Its Own

Artificial grass hits a homerun every time. Our softball turf has a lot of advantages over natural grass, from playability to maintenance.

Start Playing Outdoors Earlier

Don’t start the season in a batting cage or gymnasium. Hit the field as early as February or March with turf that drains quickly, providing a surface that remains playable regardless of the climate.

Avoid “Bad Hops” and Fielding Errors

Minimize unpredictability and play the game as it’s meant to be played with a consistent surface that’s the same every time you step onto it.

Keep Uniforms Looking Better for Longer

Keep team uniforms in better shape with no grass and dirt stains.

Play More Games

Hold tournaments and play multiple games per day. Our fake grass can handle the wear and tear of six, seven, or eight games back-to-back. Real grass just can’t.

Save Time

Stop spending hours on landscaping and maintenance. Our high-quality synthetic grass requires a mere fraction (one-tenth to one-twentieth) of the care that grass does.

Save Money

Eliminate the need for expensive grounds maintenance products such as fertilizers, pesticides, topdressing mixes, infield conditioners, and chalk.

Avoid Rainouts

Play and practice even after a recent rainfall. Artificial turf drains easily and quickly, with no mud or puddling.

Got Batting Cages? You Have Your Artificial Turf!

Outdoor and indoor batting cages can also benefit from all the convenience and savings of low-maintenance artificial turf:

  • Recreate the feeling of being on the ballfield with turf that has a realistic look and feel
  • Clean up spilled drinks and other messes quickly and easily
  • Enjoy up to fifteen years of daily use before having to replace your turf

What Our Artificial Softball Turf Offers You

  • Specialized fibers engineered for sports
  • Customized sizing
  • Unmatched durability

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Softball Turf

What kind of maintenance do artificial turfs need?

With no need for landscaping or fertilizing, artificial turf requires far less maintenance than natural grass. The most common types of maintenance are brushing and watering. With just a little care and attention, artificial turf can last for up to ten years or more.

How does artificial turf support fair play?

Artificial turf is made to be uniform and consistent so that every section of your field is the same. This allows players to enjoy an even footing no matter where they are and reduces the incidence of “bad hops.”

Does artificial turf need to be cleaned?

Yes. Turf collects sweat, dirt, mud, spilled food and drinks, and other debris from the people who use it. Regular cleaning helps ensure you maximize the lifespan of your turf.

Is artificial turf cost-effective?

Artificial turf pays for itself many times over when you factor in the cost savings associated with the significantly reduced need for care and upkeep.

Does artificial turf fade?

Over many years, some fading is natural. However, we can give you artificial turf with built-in UV resistance, which keeps your grass looking great for longer regardless of sun exposure.

Who plays on artificial turf?

Everyone from professional baseball teams to high school and college leagues and community recreation centers uses artificial turf for their playing fields.

No Project Is Too Big or Small

From lawns to sports arenas, we’ve done it all. Our experienced turf pros know everything there is to know about baseball turf and can help you find what you need.

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Artificial Grass Installation

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