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There are many benefits of choosing artificial turf in a variety of settings. Many businesses and private citizens go with artificial turf (from residential uses to sports complexes) when it comes to their needs.

The type of artificial turf will depend on what it’s used for, how often it’s used, and the look and texture the client wants to achieve. The choices are endless, and each will benefit those who use it.

Soccer is a sport that consistently uses artificial turf, whether the game is played inside or out. Let’s take a look at artificial turf and why it pairs so well with sports, specifically at your soccer facility.


    The Benefits of Artificial Turf

    The benefits of artificial turf for soccer are plentiful. Overall, synthetic turf makes maintenance easier for all involved in the care of the field or sports complex play area. Here are a few benefits of artificial turf for soccer:

    Football Turf That’s In A League of Its Own

    Artificial grass scores a touchdown every time. Our synthetic turf has a lot of advantages over natural grass, from playability to maintenance.

    Low Maintenance

    When it comes to sports turf, it’s expected to keep the arena looking fabulous at all times. This is a difficult task, especially when it comes to the wear and tear that happens during play. With artificial turf, care is relatively easy, and there is no need to water, fertilize or fight pests to keep that appealing bright green color.

    No Mow Zone

    Large sports complexes and stadiums with real grass would require quite a bit of mowing if it weren’t for artificial turf. Turf can be ordered in almost any texture and pile length, and because of this, mowing maintenance is completely eliminated. This aspect makes things easier on the grounds staff and cuts costs.

    Turf is Safer

    To keep natural grass looking as fantastic as artificial turf takes a lot of chemicals. In its natural state, grass is supposed to fluctuate in color, length, and texture. While this is wonderful for big backyards and wooded nature trails, a soccer stadium needs something a little more consistent and safe for those that care for it. Artificial turf means no pests, no color issues, no weeds, and no dangerous chemical sprays or fertilizers. Just a nice, even surface for play.


    As anyone who follows the sport knows, soccer can get pretty intense. Kicking at the ground in cleats is bound to put some pressure on the playing surface. Turf is durable, and depending on what type is laid down, can be virtually indestructible, handling hours-long soccer games. Durability is crucial concerning sports because if the turf isn’t durable, routine maintenance will have to occur during play to replace kicked-up turf clumps.

    Aesthetically Pleasing

    Artificial turf is easy on the eyes. It always looks good, no matter the time of year. Turf puts plenty of checks on the maintenance to-do list, whether you’re using it in your backyard or a central sports arena. Artificial turf makes life easier for everyone that uses it. Regardless of the weather, soccer fans can depend on that bright green grass when they come to the stadium for a game.

    Choosing Artificial Turf

    Artificial Turf USA has a variety of turf to choose from, appropriate for use during soccer play. Sports require a very durable turf, and clients can choose from nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene turf.

    There are many different pile lengths available as well. Hardy, short turf will serve best for those looking to play a professional game of soccer. Arenas that host kid’s soccer games might be able to go with something a bit less durable, but it’s essential to make a choice that will last in the long run.

    Color is a part of the turf choice process as well. From various greens to bright neon colors, artificial grass is available in many color options, though classic green is best for soccer purposes.


    What to Consider While Choosing a Turf

    If you’ve got it narrowed down to a few choices and you’re having trouble making a final turf decision, you’ll want to consider the following:

    Indoor or Outdoor Soccer

    Where will you be installing your turf? Indoor and outdoor turf is very different in the way they handle the elements. If you putting synthetic grass on outdoor fields, you’ll want to choose an outdoor turf. Call us and let’s talk about what makes sense for your fields.

    Frequency of Use

    How often will play occur on the turf, and how intense is the play? Know what your turf can handle before you have it installed. This way, you won’t run into any surprises about durability.

    Installation Process

    How long will it take to install your artificial grass? Naturally, this depends upon several factors like how many fields, location, etc. Knowing the process and the length of time it will take can aid in making a decision, especially if you’re working with a specific time frame. Learn more about artificial turf installation.

    Artificial Turf USA Can Help

    If you need artificial turf installed for the purpose of playing soccer, or any sport, call Artificial Turf Distributors today. We are happy to help you make a final decision regarding your artificial turf needs.


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