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Rooftop Artificial Turf Makes Your Roof A Greenspace

Turn your rooftop into a nice little getaway spot with artificial turf.

Artificial Turf For Your Roof

Modern, lightweight, low-maintenance, and economical, artificial turf provides the perfect green cover for rooftops, decks, or outdoor living areas, and it’s a great alternative to natural turf, especially where you can’t grow grass on the roof.

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Our Grass Is Always Greener!

Our No-upkeep artificial turf makes your business look great and is eco-friendly.

Top 3 Benefits of Artificial Turf

These days, most of us want a place to relax outdoors. That’s exactly why we’re getting calls for rooftop installations for synthetic turf. Whether you are considering installing this on a roof deck, a wood deck, or a roof top, there are benefits to using our artificial grass products to create an ideal living space.

Here are the top 3 benefits:

Easy Maintenance

Artificial grass is easy to clean, drains very well, and easy to maintain without worrying about mud or bugs. People can enjoy the space without tracking mud into the property as they would when walking on natural grass. They can move from the rooftop space into the premises and back without you worrying about dirt, which saves on cleaning and maintenance for the interior of the premises too.


Artificial turf grass is perfect for commercial use. It’s simple and maintenance-free. No matter how much traffic passes over it, rain or shine, your artificial grass will always look fresh and green for years. It can also survive snow and hail as well, and it doesn’t require fertilizer, watering, pesticides, herbicides, mowing, or trimming.

This is an environmentally friendly approach to improving the outdoor appearance with zero need for harmful man-made chemicals, with the extra benefit of a tidy-looking and attractive lawn. Many artificial grass types imitate the look and feel just like natural grass, so you don’t have to worry about your rooftop space looking unnatural.

Instant Transformation

Artificial turf installation is our specialty, so we can turn that drab rooftop into a functional, beautiful leisure space faster than installing natural grass. Our synthetic lawn will improve the appearance of rooftop spaces, especially when laid out to include outdoor furniture or activities like mini-golf. This touch of green on the rooftop certainly looks more inviting than bare concrete or tile.

Types of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is typically classified according to material, mainly;

  • nylon
  • polyethylene
  • polypropylene


Nylon grass has a soft texture and feels very close to natural grass, but it’s ideal for rooftops that don’t expect too much foot traffic. Polypropylene grass is what you need when heavy use is common, such as rooftop sports or regular team building activities. It may not look quite as real as nylon turf, but it will last for years.

For a blend of aesthetically realistic grass and long-term durability, polyethylene grass is the way to go. Polyethylene turf is perfect for rooftop spaces where look and feel are just as important as long-lasting service. It’s easy to deodorize and clean, and the textures and colors remain fresh all year long.

What to Consider When Choosing Artificial Grass

When looking for commercial artificial grass for your rooftop, there are three main factors to consider: the activities on the turf, weather conditions, and aesthetics.

Activities on Fake Grass

What are your plans for the new green space on the rooftop? Is it a rooftop restaurant, relaxation spot, or a kids’ playground? Whatever the purpose, it can become the most versatile outdoor space in the building. We recommend choosing a grass length (or pile) between 1.5 and 2 inches for a high level of durability and optimum use.

As part of the installation, we’ll need to consider the load-bearing aspects of the area to ensure that the rooftop can carry the turf and backing’s extra weight and any additional furniture or accessories installed on the turf.

For an active lifestyle or a restaurant with outdoor kitchen, rooftop barbecue grills should have a few feet of space apart to prevent the artificial turf from damage by hot coals, embers, or ash flying from the grill.

Weather Conditions

For those who live in regions that experience scorching summers, choose UV-protected artificial turf to prevent fading. Do waterproof the roof and check for proper drainage because once the artificial turf is in place, rainwater needs to flow easily through the turf and into the gutters to prevent the roof surface from damage.

If trees surround your building or are open to the wind that can carry debris, keep a rake handy to clean the turf, and remember to hose it down once in a while for maintenance.


High-quality artificial turf has soft-edged blades and looks natural at first and second glance. It also has a high density and weight, which feels real underfoot. Do purchase infill for your artificial turf, which is a layer of sandy material that allows the turf to absorb spills and odors just like soil. Infill makes the artificial grass feel and look realistic and makes it last longer.

In some areas, artificial turf is more than just an option – it’s a necessity. When choosing artificial grass for the rooftop, be sure to consider the type, length, and intended use, as these will directly affect its durability. A good choice makes for a wholesome rooftop space above hotels, schools, clinic balconies, or apartment buildings, without the hassle of weeds, bugs, or soil.

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Installing rooftop artificial turf is a great solution for business owners to add extra outdoor space to their property. It is eco-friendly, economical and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, making the most unused space on urban rooftops.

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