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There are millions of golfers all over the world. Some treat golfing as a relaxing outdoor activity, others consider it a serious sports profession.

An essential aspect of golfing that most players consider is where they play. Natural grass requires lots of maintenance, so more golf course owners are going with artificial turf. Synthetic turf mimics the feel of a standard natural green course. The smooth and clean surface allows balls to roll over the grass with ease. Turn your course into a state-of-the-art attraction for golfers everywhere. Call Artificial Turf Distributors and let’s get started today.


Benefits of Artificial Turf for Golf


Improves Performance

High-quality rtificial grass offers a realistic playing experience. Players can practice their putting and hitting like they would on a natural golf course. With a proper turf installation, the ball will bounce and roll just as it would on any other course.



Low Maintenance

Installation costs are higher than normal sod, but green upkeep and maintenance costs are minimal. Brushing the blades every so often is all that they require to maintain the appeal of the grass and the functionality of your course or driving range.

Also, artificial golf turf doesn’t need pest control. Burrowing animals and pests like moles and rats cannot ruin the surface of your golf course.

Artificial grass is a cost-effective way to eliminate the costs associated with maintenance, overseeing, fertilization, and watering. Cutting all this and the mowing means your maintence overhead will drop significantly with synthetic grass. Natural grass, though, requires regular watering, mowing, cutting, and treating. They also need fertilizers and pesticides to look great. These expenses push up the cost of maintaining natural grass over artificial turf.



Artificial golf greens are durable. They can withstand the traffic as well as the harsh weather conditions, such as hot temperatures during summer and cold conditions in winter. When it rains, the blades dry fast, and the water doesn’t puddle or pool. The fast-drying is because the blades are porous, making them non-absorbent to water.

Artificial grass can last up to 15 years, making it a cost-effective long-term golf solution. After the initial installation, you can expect a beautiful course for many years.

Aesthetic Appeal

Synthetic grass looks, feels, and acts like natural grass. It looks just as green and stays as lush year-round as well. When dotted with flower beds and trees, it’s gorgeous. Putting greens, whether on your course or in your backyard will look incredible.


Types of Artificial Green Turf for Golf

There is a wide variety of artificial green turf for golf that you can choose from. Your choice will depend on whether you are installing:

  • For a miniature course
  • For an eighteen-hole golf course
  • Putting green in your backyard

Some types of artificial turf create a more effortless and simpler course for players. Other types make a more challenging course:

  • Slick artificial greens allow the golf ball to move fast
  • Thicker composition greens create a more challenging course for the player

What to Consider When Choosing Artificial Turf for Golf

Every artificial turf installation design depends on the terrain and other factors. Consider the following when designing your green:

  • Size and shape of the space. It can be a full-scale country club, a small, or oddly shaped area.
  • Skills you wish to practice, such as chipping, driving, or bunker escapes.
  • The level of difficulty or challenge required, such as terrain variations
  • Your style.
  • The features you wish to include such as many holes, tee box, or dressy amenities.

Finding the right golf turf for your facility is important. Choosing between indoor golf turf and outdoor golf turf is more of a personal preference, the ability to afford one, and the availability of space. Indoor golf turf is great for facilities with multiple weather options and requirements. Outdoor golf turf tends to be more durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions and the constant traffic from golf carts on the course.

Artificial Turf Installation

Creating a putting green involves the following step by step process;

  1. Completion of the design plan
  2. – Preparation of the course site
  3. – Installation of the artificial grass

The general cost of installing artificial golf green is between $18 and $25 per square foot. However, the following factors could affect the final cost;

  • Your desired size and style of the grass
  • Level of difficulty of the proposed site preparation
  • Your choice of artificial turf

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