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Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Turf

FAQ’s Answered


  1. Is it safe for the environment? While you might be quick to think that synthetic grass would be bad for the environment it is actually quite safe. Our artificial grass is made using environmental safety standards and also cut’s down on wasted water used on a natural lawn.
  2. What is artificial turf made of? Fake grass is made from a mixture of polypropylene and polyethylene which are formed into synthetic blades of grass. They are then made into sheets using silica sand and rubber granules to allow for easier installation.
  3. Is artificial turf good for dogs? fake grass is extremely dog and pet-friendly and is used by many different animal shelters, hospitals, and daycares. Plus it is easy to clean when your furry friend makes a mess.
  4. Is artificial grass safe for toddlers? Yes! Artificial grass is extremely safe for kids as some of the products can be even softer than natural grass and can have additional cushioning added to be safer for children if they trip and fall.
  5. Is artificial turf expensive? Fake grass is more expensive to install than regular grass usually costing between $5 to $20 dollars per square foot. The savings come after the fact by practically eliminating yard maintenance costs which help pay for the upfront cost in no time.
  6. Do weeds grow through artificial grass? Weeds are not very typical with artificial lawns the dirt is completely covered upon installation. However, you might see a sprout or two around the edge of the artificial grass and very rarely a small sprout in the middle. These are easily treated with a little weed killer.
  7. How long does artificial turf last? On average artificial grass can last anywhere from 10 – 20 years. Longevity can be increased by keeping it clean and taking good care of it.
  8. Who can install artificial grass near me? Installing synthetic grass is no simple task and it is best to hire a licensed contractor with the proper skills and insurance to handle the job.
  9. How long does artificial turf take to install? On a typical-sized job, it usually takes anywhere from one to three days and can go up from there depending on the size of the project.
  10. Does artificial turf decrease pests? This is another one of the huge benefits of fake grass. It covers the dirt which prevents bugs, grubs, pests, moles, and more from getting to the food they need to survive so they venture elsewhere to find food.
  11. Does artificial grass hold water? Fake grass actually drains very well depending on the type of infill used during installation and most companies set up proper drainage as well.
  12. What is infill for turf? Infill is the materials used during the installation of artificial grass that keeps the blades of grass upright and adds extra protection and longevity.
  13. How much maintenance does artificial grass need? Fake grass requires little to no maintenance outside of a bit of brushing now and then and rinsing it off with a little soap and water.
  14. Does artificial grass increase property value? Yes! Due to the upfront cost and the minimal cheap maintenance, fake grass not only holds its value very well but increases the total resale value of your home or property.

Artificial Turf Installation


For us, it’s not just about being able to provide the highest quality, most durable artificial grass around, we love to handle the installation as well. From putting down fake grass in your high school, college or professional stadium to installing it in your backyard, we’ll handle any job- big or small.


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