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What maintenance does artificial grass need?

The largest selling point for artificial grass is just how little maintenance it actually requires. No more mowing the lawn, say goodbye to weed eating, and say hello to a reduced water bill. But there still are a few very minor requirements to maintain fake grass but luckily they are super easy and affordable. Let’s break down these few little jobs that will keep your turf looking brand new and extend the lifetime of your investment.

Debris Removal

While all of the grass is fake and produces no extra dirt, debris, and mess, the surroundings such as trees, bushes, gardens, etc can fall onto the turf. There are a couple of reasons to keep debris off of the turf. One is to maintain that pristine look you made an investment on and two is to keep any sharp objects such as twigs, thorns, branches, etc from piercing the turf. Fake grass is durable but in the right conditions, accidents can happen so it’s best to try and avoid any possible problems where you can.

Time for a bath

Over time, the wind will blow dust, dirt, and debris that is a bit harder to see but trust me it still gets in there. Every once in a while blow some of the dirt off with a leaf blower or other source of pressurized air. If it still looks a little dirty it’s time to give it a bath. Simply grab an ice-cold drink and the hose and rinse off that pesky dirt that won’t come off. Feel free to use a little dish soap as well if you feel the water isn’t doing a good enough job.

Give those blades a fluffing

As you use the fake lawn for hosting parties, entertaining the kids, playing with the family pup, or laying out to suntan, the blades will start to look a little bit squished down. Luckily there is a super simple fix by just giving the lawn a good brushing. Using a stiff broom can help to fluff up those little blades of fake grass and bring it back to its fluffy look like the day it was installed.


I know this article felt more like reading the cereal box but on this subject that’s exactly what you want. Artificial grass is a huge time and money saver on maintenance costs. No more paying for a lawn service, say goodbye to refueling your lawnmower, and get back to enjoying every weekend as the mini-vacation it’s supposed to be.

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