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Artificial Turf Makes A Great Backyard Putting Green

Let us help you work on your short game with an artificial grass putting green.

Artificial Putting Green For Backyards

Being able to putt well can take strokes off your score, and when it comes time to get out on the course and putting your game to the test, it is important to have the skills to back your game.

With our artificial putting green, you have the ability to practice your putting game right in your own backyard. No more need to travel to the golf course, no more worrying about others interfering with your putt, just you and the green. Our polyethylene turf is the best on the market for any putting green addition.

Designing Your Putting Green

You might imagine that designing your high-quality putting green can take some skills. Our team of designers has the experience and training to design your perfect base and ensure proper water runoff.

Creating your perfect and unique putting green is no easy task, and we work hard every day to make sure we can provide nothing short of perfection. Let us show you how your normal backyard can be transformed into a wonderful investment of not only your landscape but also your golf training ability.

Different Cuts On Your Green

We offer different heights of cut for our artificial grass so you can practice all types of shots. As you can imagine, keeping a normal putting green cut to the proper height, weed-free, and adequately grassy can be quite a hassle. You will never have to worry about the height of our turf, weeds, putting surface, fringe, fairway, rough because we have the artificial turf for it all. Your property will soon become your personal practice green, so you are ready when it is time to get out on the course.

Installing Your Putting Green

When it comes to the installation of your putting green, there are two main factors for the variance in time to complete installation. The first main factor is accessibility. We will make sure the area around your putting green is completely accessible and open.

The second main factor is the preparation of the installation site. In addition to the installation of the turf itself, there might be other necessary landscape that must be done to prepare the area for your putting turf. Such preparations can include:

  • Clearing trees
  • Clearing brush
  • Building retaining walls
  • Raising, lowering, grading, or leveling the ground

Once the area is properly clearned, we’ll install your synthetic turf so that your new putting green is just the way it needs to be. We’re the turf company you need when you’re thinking about a home putting green.

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