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Artificial Turf Eliminates Lawn Maintenace

Our alternatives to real grass lets you get back to spending the weekend doing what you want.

#1 Artificial Turf Distributor in the USA

You may not realize it, but there’s artificial grass all around us. From our sports arenas to our golf courses. You may even have some neighbors with artificial grass. More and more people are turning to synthetic turf to save time and money while maintaining that real grass feel.

Let’s face it, keeping the grass looking nice is a lot of work. From residential yards to commercial spaces and sports of all sorts, we are quickly becoming one of the most popular artificial turf providers in the country. Why? Simple. We provide high-quality, long-lasting turf that looks like real grass and we’ll install it for you as well.

Ways You Can Use Synthetic Grass

Because it looks and feels like natural grass, there are thousands of uses for our fake grass. We know we can list all of the ways to use it, but here are the most popular:


Residential Artificial Turf

Believe it or not, but many homeowners are tired of yard work. If you think about it, depending upon the size of your yard, mowing your grass can take up several hours every weekend. That doesn’t even count the hours or expense of overseeding, watering, fertilizing, managing pests, and other issues we have to address with real grass.

This is why more and more people are turning to synthetic grass for use in their front or back yards. Some people are using our grass to cover bad spots on their lawn while others are making their entire lawn. Great for the front or the back. Don’t be surprised when you win that yard of the month sign. After you do, be sure to tell them your secret and have them give us a call. We’ll sell and install their residential artificial turf.


Commercial Synthetic Turf

Businesses all across the country are turning to artificial grass due to the realistic look and feel and aesthetic value. For indoor or outdoor use, our turf helps make an incredible first impression.

Along with easy maintenance, synthetic grass helps companies save money on lawn management costs. Businesses like restaurants, golf courses & driving ranges, hitting facilities, and more are turning to artificial turf. Give us a call to talk about how our turf may be a great option for your business.

More and more rooftop restaurants and relaxation areas are using artificial grass to provide a lovely space to view the entire city from. Call us and let’s talk about how we can help you create the space you’re looking for.

Artificial Turf For Sports

AstroTurf was first installed in the Houston Astrodome back in 1966. Since then, artificial turf has been used in nearly every sport played on grass from the recreational leagues all the way to the pros. Used for baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, golf or any other sport, artificial turf provides a perfect surface for fielding Sunday hops, cutting away from oncoming linebackers, or doing whatever else you need to score.


Artificial Grass For Dogs

We know Fido loves his special spot, but a lot of dog lovers are turning to artificial grass to provide a special place for your furry family members to do their business. Whether it’s your backyard, high-rise patio deck, or dog park, we have the right type of synthetic grass for you.

We also provide artificial turf for pet care centers, veterinarian offices, and doggy daycare companies all around the country. Contact us when you need the type of turf that’ll make your dog feel like home.

AstroTurf Vs Artificial Turf

Let us take you way back to a time when gas was cheap and cars were big. It was 1960 when the father of modern-day artificial grass, Dan Chaney, first moved to Raleigh North Carolina and lead his research and development team to create the first artificial turf.

It was more than the birth of the welcome mat. This invention signified the beginning of indoor baseball, football, and all other sports. If you’re like us, we’re wondering why this man doesn’t have his own museum. Surely, there’s a statue somewhere.

People often use the term “astroturf” to describe artificial grass, but this is an actual brand of artificial turf that was first in baseball at the Houston Astrodome. Because of the roof, they struggled to keep the grass green during the season, so artificial grass was a good call.

From there, other artificial grass systems have evolved to what we have now, and what we have now looks amazing. Let us show you how green the grass really is on our side of things.


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Not only are we one of the most affordable artificial grass companies online today, but we go out of our way to make buying and installation simple. We only install durable turf that will last longer and cost less.

Don’t rely on the big box stores for something we specialize in. Get the turf that lasts. Call us today for a free consultation.

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