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Artificial Turf in Macon, Georgia

Turn Your Yard Into The Hangout Zone of Your Dreams with Artificial Grass.

Artificial Turf Installation in Macon, Georgia

It’s a fact, keeping a lawn in top-notch shape is a daunting task requiring ongoing work, time, and money. Even with all the effort of mowing, reseeding, fertilization, and much more, it still can look unkempt and show brown spots and areas where it just doesn’t measure up.

Pitch all your lawn care tools and exchange them for an artificial lawn. Artificial Turf is the experts to call in Macon, Georgia, and the surrounding area for synthetic grass installation.

Artificial Grass Pays For Itself Through Reduced Maintenance Costs

Artificial turf provides a host of benefits that makes it a very attractive choice for home and business owners alike. First and foremost is the durability of our artificial grass products which can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years without replacement even under heavy use. It also boosts the resale value of your home which in turn reduces and justifies the price of artificial grass installation.

All of our products are pet-friendly, safe for children, and made from non-toxic, non-allergenic materials, and are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. synthetic grass is also extremely easy to keep clean as you can use a light amount of detergent and water to rinse it off have it looking good as new. It is also the perfect option for older people or people who suffer from disabilities as it requires little to no maintenance and is easy to walk on as there is no chance of tripping on sticks or roots that can get caught in normal grass.

If you are interested in making the switch to artificial grass give us a call today and we will help you find the perfect fit for your needs!

Examples of ways you can use Synthetic Grass

There are countless ways to use artificial turf and here’s just a few:

• Sports Turf for ALL Sports: It’s a level playing field. Artificial grass is just as good as real grass, possibly better on the arena. Many games have been played on natural grass but now can be played on artificial turf with much less bother.

• Turf for Pets: Pet lovers may not realize that artificial turf is a wonderful alternative to real grass. From concrete that gets extremely hot for little paws during the summer to muddy paws, our synthetic grass offers your pet a safe spot to do their business.

• Playground Turf: There will always be “boo-boos” in the playground experience, but our artificial grass can help lessen these types of accidents. Artificial playground turf is safe and has the natural grass look along with other added benefits.

• Rooftop Turf: Artificial turf for your roof is a fabulous alternative to natural grass when you can’t grow grass on the roof. It’s economical, low-maintenance, and lightweight and offers the ideal green cover for rooftops, outdoor living spaces, decks, and more.

Artificial Grass Types

Typically, artificial grass is classified by the type of material.

• Polypropylene: Polypropylene grass is used when there is heavy use such as regular team building activities or rooftop sports. It doesn’t look quite as real as nylon turf, but it’s durable and long-lasting.

• Polyethylene: This is a blend of realistic-looking grass and long-term durability. It’s simple to clean and deodorize and the colors and textures stay fresh throughout the year.

• Nylon: This has a soft texture, and it is extremely close to natural grass. It’s for those spaces that don’t have too much traffic.

Synthetic Grass in Macon, Georgia

Artificial Turf is a great solution for homeowners and businesses to add an extra outdoor space to their property. It’s a guaranteed people pleaser, eco-friendly, and economical to beat. We not only sell artificial turf, but we also install it for you. If you live in the Macon, Georgia or surrounding area, call today for a free consultation!

We also provide Custom Netting in Georgia and across the nation for sports, agriculture, and industrial needs.