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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Because your pooch deserves the best.

Our Artificial Turf Is So Good, Your Dog Will Think It’s Real

When you hear the term, “artificial turf”, most people think of football or baseball fields, but the demand for artificial grass from homeowners with pets is climbing steadily. While many people choose to outfit their entire front and backyard with artificial turf, or artificial grass, others utilize it in pet areas, and dog runs only.

Not only does artificial turf look amazing, but it’s durable, and pets don’t have the same negative effect on artificial grass as they do on natural lawns. No matter how or where you decide to put artificial grass to use, it’s clear that it holds plenty of advantages for pet owners.

Here are a few reasons that artificial turf continues to gain traction with pet lovers around the country.


Why Turn To Fake Grass?

Most of the pet owners that choose to lay down artificial turf are dog owners. Sure, artificial turf works well for other pets, such as cats and the occasional pot-bellied pig, but people with dogs are consistently looking for a better option than their natural lawn when it comes to a place for their dogs to play and handle their business.

It’s a simple fact. Dogs and grass just don’t mix. From brown spots to the products used to maintain a natural lawn, there are plenty of aesthetic and health hazards with dogs and untouched yards. Here are the benefits of artificial turf for pets:


Each year, consumers spend thousands of dollars on landscaping their yards, both front, and back. Nothing ruins perfectly laid out mulch, grass seed, and freshly planted flowers faster than a curious puppy. When you choose artificial grass, you’ll have a space dedicated to your dog!

Not only will he or she know where to go, but you can keep the landscaped part of your property intact. Whether you choose to outfit your entire yard in synthetic grass or just a section of it, you can rest easy knowing your dog cannot ruin it.


It’s safe to say that there is one main reason that we spend so much on landscaping the outside of our homes. We want a yard that looks incredible. There’s nothing like taking to your back deck or patio with a cup of coffee or tea on an early summer morning.

Brown spots and a messy lawn can ruin an otherwise picture-perfect break. Artificial turf ensures that your view will always be amazing, and your neighbors will think it’s real grass. You’ll love the permanently green grass our turf will give you all year round.

Pets Love It

Pets love artificial turf! It’s comfortable on their paws, and you can decide which length and texture will work best for your furry friend. Rain or shine, hot or cold, your pet will always have a comfortable place to use the bathroom. Your dog will love it as much as natural grass.

Cleaner Homes

If you live somewhere that sees a substantial change of season, you know a lot about mud, particularly in Spring and Fall. Mud in the yard can be an absolute nightmare for pet owners that spend time outdoors. Muddy paws have the potential to ruin carpets, curtains, floors, and furniture.

When you have artificial grass installed, you’ll never have to worry about muddy paws ever again, no matter what the weather. Mud puddles are officially a thing of the past, in your backyard at least!

Safety First

You love your pet, and their safety is likely critical to you. Typical chemicals that are used to keep lawns looking beautiful are harmful to pets and children. When you have artificial grass installed, there are no chemicals necessary to keep it looking great!

No Maintenance

Spending your weekend mowing, trimming, and weeding your lawn can permanently end when you install artificial turf in your yard. No more aerating, fertilizing or pest control costs either. When you go with artificial grass, you save time and money on lawn maintenance.

Types of Artificial Grass

Many people don’t know that there are many artificial turf types to choose from, and the process includes tailoring the length and texture to your preference. Most commonly, artificial grass is made from nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene.

The staff at Artificial Turf USA can help you decide on the density, pile length, and texture. Most dog-owners choose a denser texture or synthetic turf, as it’s more durable and doesn’t wear down under the constant movement of paws. Also, a shorter pile will keep your yard looking like you just mowed it!

What you decide to use in the end will depend on your personal preference and what you think will look best outside your home.


Artificial Turf Installation

We’re more than your expert on synthetic grass. We’re experts in artificial turf installation as well. No matter how big or small the area you want your turf installed, we’re here to help. We will help you with any residential or commercial artificial grass installation project anywhere in the country. Call us about installing artificial grass around your home.

What to Consider When Choosing Pet Turf

There are plenty of considerations to make regarding artificial turf and whether it will work for your family and dog(s). You’ll want to take a look at both indoor and outdoor turf, and that decision will likely depend on where you’re planning to put the turf and how much you’re laying down.

Installation times may vary as well, so be sure to accommodate for that, especially concerning your dog going outside. The process is typically relatively fast, but our customer service team can provide you with all the information you need.

If you’ve been considering laying down artificial turf for your dog, call Artificial Turf Distributors today to schedule a consultation.


We Talk Turf

It’s true – we love our indoor turf! We can talk all day about the amazing benefits and sheer variety of artificial grass now available. Why not speak to us today about your project and let us come up with some suggestions.

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