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Artificial Turf in Atlanta, Georgia

Turn Your Yard Into The Hangout Zone of Your Dreams with Artificial Grass.

Artificial Turf Distributors in Atlanta, Georgia

Have you noticed that we are surrounded by artificial grass? From golf courses to sports arenas as well as our neighbors’ yards. To save time and money, many people are turning to synthetic turf to preserve that real grass look and feel.

It’s just plain, hard work for grass upkeep. From commercial spaces and residential yards and all kinds of sports areas, we are turning out to be the most widely known artificial turf providers in metro Atlanta and nationwide. The reason? We offer the finest quality, long-lasting turf that looks like real grass, and to top that, we install it for you!

Is Artificial Grass Worth the Investment?

Artificial turf provides a host of benefits that makes it a very attractive choice for home and business owners alike. First and foremost is the durability of our artificial grass products which can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years without replacement even under heavy use. It also boosts the resale value of your home which in turn reduces and justifies the price of artificial grass installation.

All of our products are pet-friendly, safe for children, and made from non-toxic, non-allergenic materials, and are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. synthetic grass is also extremely easy to keep clean as you can use a light amount of detergent and water to rinse it off have it looking good as new. It is also the perfect option for older people or people who suffer from disabilities as it requires little to no maintenance and is easy to walk on as there is no chance of tripping on sticks or roots that can get caught in normal grass.

If you are interested in making the switch to artificial grass give us a call today and we will help you find the perfect fit for your needs!

Examples of ways you can use Synthetic Grass

There are thousands of uses for our fake grass because it looks so much like natural grass. We realize we can’t list them all, but here’s just a few examples on some of the post popular ways:

Residential Artificial Turf

More than not, homeowners are exhausted from doing yard work. Mowing your grass takes several hours of your time and a lot of that time is taken up on your weekends. This doesn’t count the time and money it takes of managing pests, fertilizing, watering, overseeding, and other issues when maintaining real grass.

For that reason, more people are switching to synthetic grass for their front and back yards. They are using our fake grass to cover bad areas on their lawn, while others use it for the whole yard. You can finally win the “Yard of the Month” in your neighborhood. When you do, be sure to tell them your secret and give them our number to call. We will give them an amazing residential turf to be proud of.


Artificial grass is used to replace natural grass for many different reasons. Another practical use is pet-safe artificial grass to provide a place for your furry family members to play, relax, and do their business while remaining easy to maintain and clean. Whether it’s your backyard, high-rise patio deck, or dog park, we have the right type of synthetic grass for you.

We Don’t just stop at residential applications for pet turf, we also provide artificial grass for pet daycare centers, veterinarian offices, and pet stores in Atlanta.


Make a fabulous first impression for your business by using artificial grass. You have enough on your plate when it comes to running a business and maintaining grass can take time away from doing just that. That’s why commercial artificial turf is a great option.

Reasons why to consider artificial turf for your business:

  • Backed by warranty
  • Skilled artificial turf installation
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Beautiful and natural appearance

If you have a commercial landscape, give us a call today and give your company landscape that realistic look and feel of real grass and “wow” each person that approaches your place of business.


Did you know that sports all over the country use artificial grass instead of natural grass because it is easier to maintain?

Used for baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, golf, or any other sport, artificial grass for sports provides a perfect surface for fielding Sunday hops, cutting away from oncoming linebackers, or doing whatever else you need to score.


Artificial turf, unlike playground mulch, is safe and non-abrasive. It saves you from the worry of your kids slipping or tripping around the play area as it gives your playground an even, leveled surface. With the padded underlayment, there’s effective shock absorption that cushions rough landings. Children can play all day long, and you can be sure they’re injury-proof. If your looking for a safer alternative to mulch call us and we will get your playground artificial turf installed as soon as possible.

Why Call us for Artificial Grass in Atlanta?

When it comes to artificial grass, Artificial Turf is one of the most affordable synthetic grass companies online today and is well known throughout the metro Atlanta area. We go above and beyond to make buying and installation easy. We just install long-lasting, long-wearing turf that won’t break the bank. Call for a free consultation today!

Our Service Area In Georgia

We are on our way to becoming one of the nation’s leading providers of artificial turf in the country. Why? Simple. We provide affordable artificial grass for any need and our installation fees are some of the most competitive in. the industry.

We have happy customers throughout the great state of Georgia including fields of turf in Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Columbus, Athens, and Savannah. Call us and let’s talk turf today.

We also provide Custom Netting in Georgia and across the nation for sports, agriculture, and industrial needs.