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Artificial Grass and Turf in Alabama

Our artificial turf makes your yard perfect for any occasion.

Artificial Grass Sales and Installation

You may not realize it, but artificial grass is all over the place in Alabama. Beginning with golf courses, batting facilities, sports arenas, and dog parks as well. Your next-door neighbor may even have artificial grass in their backyard! To save time and money on maintenance, more people are installing artificial turf creating that real grass look and feel.

It’s a fact, there’s a lot of work involved in maintaining a lawn. That’s why artificial grass is turning into a popular alternative as it has many benefits of a well-maintained lawn without all the work. In addition, it’s durable and feels virtually the same as real grass which lasts for years under heavy traffic. An added benefit is that it’s eco-friendly for those that suffer from allergies. Call us to have artificial grass installed today! We got you covered!

Is Artificial Grass Worth the Investment?

There’s a multitude of benefits that make artificial turf a beautiful choice for your home or business. To begin with, our artificial grass products are durable and can last anywhere from 15-20 years without having to replace them, even under substantial use. It also enhances the resale value of your home which significantly lowers and validates the price of installing artificial grass.

Our entire product line is non-toxic, non-allergenic materials, and safe for children and pets. Also, it holds up under extreme weather conditions. Synthetic grass is exceptionally easy to clean. It takes a small amount of detergent and water to rinse it off making it look as good as new. It’s a great option for people who have disabilities and older people as it requires very little maintenance and it’s easy to walk on allowing for fewer accidents from tripping on roots or sticks as can happen with real grass.

Let us help you switch to artificial grass to make your yard look like a million bucks! Call us today!

Artificial Grass is Limitlessly Useful

Use artificial turf in almost any setting!

Residential Artificial Grass

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on yard work. Depending on the size of the yard, maintaining it can take many hours of labor that takes up your time to rest and relax on weekends. Not only the time and work involved, but the cost of watering, fertilizing, overseeding, managing pests, and other issues when it comes to real grass.

Many people are switching to artificial grass for homes because it has little or no maintenance and it looks even better than real grass. Cleaning is a breeze and it’s as easy as spraying it down with a hose. Take the time to have that R&R you deserve on weekends and switch to artificial turf!


Every household pet makes for themselves that special spot. Many animal lovers are switching to pet-safe artificial grass to grant that special spot for their furry friends and allow them to do their business with easy clean-up. From backyards, dog parks, high-rise patio decks, we have the right style of synthetic grass to meet your needs.

We also offer artificial turf for doggy daycare companies, veterinarian offices, pet care centers all over the U.S. Make your pet feel at home by installing artificial turf. Call us today!


Many businesses are cutting costs on lawn services by turning to artificial grass and creating an appealing storefront giving that awesome first impression. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, it will give your business a fresh new look!

Synthetic grass will help save money on lawn management expenses along with little or no maintenance. From driving ranges, golf courses, hitting facilities, pet care centers and more, many are turning to artificial grass for their business.

Many roof-top restaurants and relaxation spaces use artificial grass to provide a beautiful spot to overlook the city. Let us help you create that special space with our artificial grass for businessesand call us today!


Back in 1966, AstroTurf was first installed in Texas at the Houston Astrodome. Since that time, artificial turf has been utilized in almost every sport played from the pros too as little as the small-town recreational leagues.

Whether it’s football, field hockey, golf, soccer, baseball, or any other sport, artificial grass provides an excellent surface that suits your needs and maybe just helps your team make that winning score! Let us help you make the best choice for whatever team you’re rooting for! Call us today when you want artificial grass for sports.


Artificial turf is non-abrasive and safe, and it keeps you from worrying about your kids tripping or slipping around the playground as mulch can easily do. It has a leveled, even surface with a padded underlayment that’s an effective shock absorption that cushions falls. Keeping your children free from injury is our main goal. If you want a much safer alternative than mulch, give us a call and we’ll install your playground artificial turf today!

Types of Artificial Grass

Each of our products are based on the chemical nature of the yarn. Below are the three types of artificial grass. Give us a call and we can help you choose the right surface for your needs.


For a very durable yard, Nylon is used mostly in combination with polyethylene grass. It’s mainly installed for golf greens or athletic fields. It’s a great choice that has the look and feel of real grass. Some benefits are:

  • Can stand up to extreme weather conditions and heavy foot traffic
  • Soft texture
  • Highly durable
  • Natural look
  • Aesthetically appealing


If aesthetic appeal is your priority, Polypropylene is the great choice for you and the most affordable. Some benefits are:

  • Easy on the pocket
  • Aesthetically appealing


Polyethylene is a combination of nylon and polypropylene artificial grass. It’s used for several types of applications including outdoor play spaces, pool areas, landscape edging, and entire lawns. Some benefits are:

  • Non-porous
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean and deodorize
  • Stands up to heavy foot traffic


AstroTurf Vs Artificial Grass


Astroturf is tougher than artificial grass and is designed more for sports. It can hold up under heavy traffic such as cleats, running feet and moves players make during an intense game. Also, it’s much safer than natural grass reducing injury even during wet conditions.

When it comes to sports and turf, the team players and spacious playing fields are what we think about. Yet there are types of artificial turf that are best for small sports areas that are becoming more popular such as backyard putting greens, tennis courts, or bocce ball courts.


Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is more aesthetically pleasing than Astroturf. This product is longer and softer but equally durable but designed to have that “eye appeal”. It makes for a beautiful lawn and has many specialized assortments that are great for backyard play areas, playgrounds, or doggie daycare centers. Artificial grass is much safer than real grass for kids as well!

There are several things in common when it comes to artificial turf/grass and that makes them popular for businesses or homeowners:

  • No grass allergens or build-in toxins
  • No hazardous chemical applications or residues
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • No need to constantly tear up and replace high priced sod
  • No wasting water

There are many types of synthetic grass products to choose from. Choosing the right one for you may feel overwhelming, so let us help you make the choice that is right for your application. Whether you are in the market for artificial grass or artificial turf, we got you covered!

    7 Things to Consider When Choosing Artificial Grass

    • Maintenance – If you have a busy schedule and have little time to maintain your lawn, choose low-maintenance artificial turf and enjoy your weekends again!
    • Color – You can choose from several different shades of green including lime green, olive green, and dark green. Imperfect turf has that natural look and feel with the color that suits you.
    • Infill and Backing – Infill is the main element of artificial turf. It helps the individual blades of grass to remain upright giving it a natural look and feel and gives that cushiony or bounce when you walk on it. The right infill depends on what you use the grass for.
      • Crumb Rubber – A common form of infill is Crumb rubber. It’s produced from used automotive tires and shredded into tiny, smooth pieces. It is then rolled until the rough edges are worn away. It’s safe for pets and children and makes a great playground filler instead of stone or sand making it much softer.
      • Sand or Silica Granules – Another form of infill is Sand. It has the natural smoothness and works extremely well for artificial grass. Silica granules are round, smooth irregular pieces that also make good infill. This surface lessens friction between the particles which keeps the granules from settling which makes the ground hard. Both infills create that cushiony, soft base, and are colored green blending in with the grass blades. They are overlaid with anti-microbial polymer, acrylic to help limit the growth of bacteria. These infills are great for playgrounds.
      • Density – The density of artificial grass depends on how you plan to use it whether for landscaping, sports, or your backyard. There are lots of different styles including density, blade heights, shape, etc. that are suited for different purposes. For example, you wouldn’t use the same turf for a golf course as your front lawn. Let us help you choose what density and style is right for you.

      • Length of Grass Blades – The grass blade length expands from directly above the backing to the tip. When compared to real grass, the length of the blades that are 2-1/2 to 3 inches gives it the most natural look and feel. Since artificial grass doesn’t ever need to be mowed or trimmed, it’s always uniform in all areas of the lawn including under shaded trees. It will maintain its beauty all year around in wet and dry conditions with no mowing or your grass turning brown or dying.
      • Quality – Whatever your priority when it comes to your style or how you plan to put your artificial grass to use, Artificial Turf uses the highest quality materials with excellence in installation and construction. We have the experience necessary to prepare the soil to make the turf look natural after it’s installed. With the cushioned support along with the proper preparation practices, your artificial grass will always have that natural feel with the utmost quality.
      • Foot-Traffic – Artificial grass is ideal for recreational areas and playgrounds that hold up against heavy foot traffic. Its durability, weather resistance can withstand even the harshest treatment. Natural grass often has worn path areas where and leaves the ground muddy when it rains. With artificial grass, the foot traffic will not leave bare spots and cause damage to the grass.

    Artificial Grass and Turf Installation: What To Expect

    Once you’ve made the decision to switch to artificial turf, the preparation process will only take a few days in most cases. During this time, you will need to remain off your lawn and keep children and pets away from the area. The installation process can be to a certain degree, unattractive, and takes time, but the results are well worth it.

    Expect Some Debris and Dust

    Before installing your artificial grass, the natural grass must be removed. Depending on the way in which it happens will determine how much debris and dust is generated. If the ground is super dry, dust will become airborne. Likely, installers will dampen the grass making it simpler to cut. The sod and grass will be cut out in sections and hauled away.

    Expect to Stay Off the Lawn

    While the fake grass is being installed, it is vital that everyone stay off the lawn. However, the artificial turf can be laid in sections to allow your pets to have an area for them to use the restroom. Of course, this will add to the time it takes our crew to be working at your home, but it will allow you the accessibility of being able to use a part of your lawn while the installation is taking place.

    Expect a Beautiful, Lucious Green Lawn

    When your artificial turf has been installed and complete, you will have a gorgeous, green lawn. Our installers will make certain that your property and lawn looks great or better than it did before. All debris will be removed, and the area will be cleaned, swept, and trimmed before leaving. You will be allowed to inspect the work during the entire process to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work. Your home will have curb appeal along with increased value to your property. A beautiful lawn will be worth less than a week of landscaping commotion, with all the added benefits artificial turf offers! Give us a call today to get a quote. We will save you on the initial cost as well as installation costs.

    No project is too big or small. From backyard patios to sports arenas, call us when you need artificial turf installation.

    We’ll give you a quote by the square foot, by the project, or however, you need it. We’ll save you money on your initial cost as well as your installation costs.

    Why Choose Artificial Turf USA?

    We are one of the most affordable artificial grass companies bar none and we go above and beyond to making your purchase and installation easy. We provide and install durable turf that costs less and lasts longer. Don’t bank on the big stores for turf that we specialize in. Call us today for a free consultation.

    Our Service Area In Alabama

    We are turning out to be one of the nation’s leading artificial turf providers in the nation. The reason? Easy. We provide artificial grass for all your needs and our installation costs are one of the most competitive in the industry!

    Our customers throughout the awesome state of Alabama including fields of turf in Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Birmingham. Let’s talk turf and give us a call today!

    We also provide custom sports netting in Alabama for your sports, agriculture, and industrial needs across the nation.