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Artificial Turf Sales And Installation

When you need artificial turf for your hitting facility, sports complex, arena, or other areas, we have exactly the synthetic grass need. Whether you want fake grass for a residential or commercial need, let us help you determine how much you need and we’ll even take care of the installation.

We all know the issues and work involved in having natural grass or a perfect lawn. Time to forget all that and get a synthetic lawn. Does it look like real grass? Sort of! Is it more durable than natural grass? Absolutely? Our turf is environmentally friendly and can last for years under heavy wear and tear. Contact us today about installing artificial grass and we’ll get you covered.

Fake Grass: 101 Uses

While we won’t list all the ways people can use artificial grass, we’ll give you some obvious examples:

Sporting Arenas

From batting cages to baseball fields.

Pet Areas

Only the best for Fido!

Play Areas

Your kids need their space too!

Patios & Decks

Cover that area with artificial grass.

Landscape Projects

No More Mowing


Let us cover any space you need

AstroTurf Vs Artificial Turf

Let us take you way back to a time when gas was cheap and cars were big. It was 1960 when the father of modern-day artificial grass, Dan Chaney, first moved to Raleigh North Carolina and lead his research team to create the first artificial turf.

It was more than the birth of the welcome mat. This invention signified the beginning of indoor baseball, football, and all other sports. If you’re like us, we’re wondering why this man doesn’t have his own museum. Surely, there’s a statue somewhere.

People often use the term “astroturf” to describe artificial grass, but this is an actual brand of artificial turf that was first installed in the infield of the Houston Astrodome. Because of the roof, they struggled to keep the grass green during the season, so artificial grass was a good call.

From there, other artificial grass systems have evolved to what we have now, and what we have now looks pretty amazing. Let us show you how green the grass really is on our side of things.

Why Call Us For Artificial Grass?

Not only are we one of the most affordable artificial grass companies online today, but we go out of our way to make buying and installation simple. We only install durable turf that will last longer and cost less.

Don’t rely on the big box stores for something we specialize in. Get the turf that lasts. Call us today for a free consultation.

We also provide Custom Netting Nationwide for sports, agriculture, and industrial needs.